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The Most Haunted Village in England

Between 2001 and 2004 I published a local history magazine called Pelsall Times, the Halloween issues always proved to be very popular as it was at this time when readers were more inclined to share their paranormal experiences.

After publishing Pelsall Times  Past & Present in 2011, I decided to publish the ghost stories I had collected in a book called Ghosts around Pelsall. 


The stories were told in good faith and were written as told.  The stories in the book are exclusive and unique and have not been published elsewhere.

The first book which contained stories spanning over 70 years sold out almost immediately.

The popularity of Ghosts around Pelsall attracted the interest of an LA film maker and the West Midlands Ghost Club and more importantly led to annual ghost walks around Pelsall.

Following public demand, in 2013 I published Ghosts around Pelsall 2 which again sold out almost immediately.

Whilst putting the books together, on both occasions I was astonished to discover just how much paranormal activity had been and is still being experienced in Pelsall village.

It was whilst completing the second book that I came to the conclusion that Pelsall must be the most haunted village in England especially when comparing it to Puckley Village, Kent which boasts of having 21 ghosts and holds the world record for being the most haunted village in England.

The paranormal experiences documented in the second book alone far exceed those experienced in Puckley village.

Since publishing the second book, I have been told of even more paranormal activity in Pelsall, which is to be investigated and researched.

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