Golden Jubilee Celebrations around Pelsall 2002

I hope you enjoy this small selection of photographs taken from my book, The Queen's Golden Jubilee Celebrated in Pelsall Village 2002

Pelsall Carnival Committe present A Musical Celebration to commemorate The Golden Jubilee of her Majesty the Queen at Walsall Town Hall Tuesday 2nd July 2002 at 7.30pm

             Pelsall Village girls sport face paint to celebrate Golden Jubilee events.

              Children at Pelsall Village School celebrating Jubilee events in the hall.

Staff and children at St Michael's School celebrating the Queen's Golden Jubilee with a garden party in the school grounds.

                    Staff at Pelsall Village Celebrating serving food in the school hall.

            Children celebrating the Queen's Golden Jubilee at Pelsall Village School

             Children celebrating The Queen's Golden Jubilee at St Michael's school

In celebration of the Queen's Golden Jubilee, George Turner and Sons created Pelsall's very own Golden Jubilee sausage.  Mrs Attfield, Headteacher of St Michael's School at that time can be seen in this photograph celebrating the occasion.

Mr Wilkinson of Pelsall Village School with pupils celebrating Jubilee events at school

If you would like to share your memories of the events of the day, why not drop us a line?