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Pelsall Carnival 2023

This year Pelsall Carnival celebrated its 50th anniversary

Carn 1.jpg

The Pelsall Carnival programme outlined the busy day

Carnival 2023_0001.jpg
Pelsall News_0004.jpg

Carnival royalty could be found in the programme

Pelsall News_0006.jpg

Events of the day could also be seen here

Carnival 2023_0002.jpg

Souvenir bears were also on sale to mark this special event

Wheel 1_edited.jpg

Jones' Fun Fair set up on the opposite common for the day

Tent 1_edited.jpg

The main showground was set up early with a variety of stalls, eateries and displays

Showground 11_edited.jpg
Tent 2_edited.jpg
Showground 9_edited.jpg
Grill 1_edited.jpg
Showground 5_edited.jpg
Cars 1_edited.jpg
Showground 10_edited.jpg
Cars 2_edited.jpg
Showground 4_edited.jpg
Showground 17.jpg
Snake 2_edited.jpg

The Pelsall Carnival programme listed the events of the day in the main arena

Via a new route, the carnival procession through Pelsall began at 1.45pm

wave 1_edited.jpg
Wave 2_edited.jpg
soldier 1_edited.jpg
Village School_edited.jpg
Carn 12_edited.jpg
carn 13_edited.jpg
Carn 11_edited.jpg
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