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Do You Remember

The Central Hall?

Was a question I was asked recently.  A bit before my time, I replied, however I did carry out some research about the Central Hall when I was publishing the Pelsall Times magazines and discovered that it was not only a hive of activity in its time, but it also had a very fascinating history.

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The Central Hall, the white building, can be seen to the right of the cenotaph

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The first recorded history of education in Pelsall dates back to 1836.  At this time, the Methodist Wesley Central Hall is documented as being used for education only.

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Doris Blakemore and her husband Reverend Jack Blakemore (Methodist Minister).  Reverend Jack was well known around Pelsall although he lived in Australia.

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The photographs above and below are of the ladies circle from the chapel.  Both photographs were taken at the rear of the Central Hall in Station Road.

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cent 4.jpg

An early concert performance at the Central Hall

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Above: Children standing outside of the Central Hall during WWII

The brick built wall seen infront of the Central Hall was a blast wall to protect the building during war time.

The Central Hall was the headquarters for the ARP at this time. 

cent 7.jpg

Photograph courtesy of Mrs Boot

The photograph above is of young Nursing Cadets, (Mrs Boot being one of them) who attended the Central Hall in Pelsall from 1948 - 49 on Saturday mornings.

The Nursing Cadet Seniors were Mrs Simpson and Mrs Ivy.

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The Central Hall was also used as a baby clinic.  Mothers went there before and after having their babies to get orange juice, dried milk, cod liver oil and to have their baby weighed.

There also used to be a film show on Saturday mornings at the Village Institute at the back of the Central Hall, the cost was 2 old pence.

The entrance to it was down an alley.  The films were very old and would sometimes break during the show.

During the 1960's, the Central Hall played host to Pelsall Youth club for a short time.

cent 8.jpg

Photograph courtesy of Mr Swain

A jumble sale held in the Central Hall by Pelsall 1st Scouts in 1960

The Central Hall was sorely missed by the people of Pelsall after it closed its doors for the last time. 

If you would like to share your memories of the Central Hall, please drop me a line

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