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A Generous Donation from

Mrs Charles of Pelsall Hall

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When the Charles family of Pelsall Hall left Pelsall in 1917, the above article was published in Pelsall Parish Magazine.

The article above is a sad farewell to the Charles family as they leave Pelsall.  To mark their thankful appreciation and affection felt for her,  The Mothers of Pelsall presented Mrs Annie Snowdin Charles with a small gift in the form of an umbrella stand which was given to her by them shortly before the family left. This would have been a most generous gift from The Mothers of Pelsall.

Despite leaving the village in 1917, matters in Pelsall were never far away from Mrs Charles' mind.

In 1920 whilst living in Malvern, Mrs Charles made a 'very generous' offer to contribute to the cost of the erection of the village memorial. 

The 'generous offer' was gratefully received.

cenotaph 2.jpg

As seen above, following the Great War, Pelsall War Memorial was surrounded by metal railings

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