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Steeped in a rich and diverse history, I find the history of Pelsall both fascinating and captivating.

After completing my history degree I found myself researching all aspects of the history of Pelsall and never failed to be surprised by what I found.  It was then that I thought it might be a good idea to share what I had found with other inhabitants of Pelsall as they might be interested too.  It then occurred to me that perhaps the best way of doing this would be to create a local history magazine which I could circulate around the village.  With that in mind in 2001 I designed, created and published the first issue of Pelsall Times and hoped that people would be interested enough to buy a copy.  Within a couple of issues or so, Pelsall Times was being sold at 9 outlets.

Although it started off as a rather academic and informative publication charting the history of Pelsall, it soon took an unexpected turn as new and previously unwritten about material started to come to light which in turn took my research far and wide.  Soon Pelsall Times became even more interesting than I could have possibly imagined leading to a fascinating journey into the history of Pelsall.

I was overwhelmed by the interest and response I received from readers who were keen to share what they knew about the history of Pelsall.  More often than not it was in relation to people or places which had never been written about or had simply been overlooked.  Soon I was on a mission to make sure that this lost history of Pelsall was set in stone when it was published in Pelsall Times.

My journey into the history of Pelsall through Pelsall Times enabled me to meet many wonderful people.

The Pelsall Times website strives to emulate Pelsall Times, whereby again, I will endeavour to take readers on a walk down memory lane and encourage them to take part and contribute.

I hope that you will enjoy your journey back in time as you turn the pages of this website. I will endeavour to regularly update the website with old and new photographs and information which I hope you will enjoy.

And, as before please remember, It’s Your History, be Part of It, so do get in touch.  I will be delighted to hear from you.

Best Wishes


Annita Bates  BA(Hons) Dip Eur Hum

The Editor  Pelsall Times


I am pictured here at the centre of this photograph wearing a blue Victorian dress and hat surrounded by staff of Pelsall Hall at the launch of my book The Charles Family & Pelsall Hall in 2013.

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