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Scorpio's Hair Studio

The Exorcism and the Poltergeist 


Scorpio's Hair Studio, Pelsall Lane, Rushall

Shortly after Nicola opened Scorpio's Hair Studio back in 2006 she had a rather strange encounter.  An elderly lady and her daughter came into the hair studio and rather than booking an appointment, the elderly lady was keen to tell Nicola about an incident that once occurred in the studio.

The elderly lady went on to say that back in the 1930's a friend of hers, who was 14 years old at the time, was exorcised in what is now Scorpio's Hair Studio.  According to the elderly lady the reason why the girl was exorcised was because she could move things without touching them (telekinesis), hence presumably she was considered to be possessed.  What concerned the elderly lady the most was that she never saw her friend again following the exorcism.

Regrettably, Nicola never saw the old lady again and so was never able to ask her further questions about the incident.

After being told about this by Nicola some years ago, I published the story in Ghosts around Pelsall 2 in 2013 and made an appeal for readers to come forward if they knew anything about the exorcism, but unfortunately nothing came to light.

Nicola has always been aware of things that go bump in the night at the farmhouse and in the salon, but has never been afraid.  

However at 22.30 on 3rd July 2018, Nicola was shocked to see on her CCTV footage that a large oval orb was hovering and moving up and down over the empty crib in the salon.  Stunned, Nicola couldn't believe what she was seeing and watched for a while before she ran down to the salon, switched on the lights and looked for the orb. 

She found nothing.

Then she switched on hairdryers blowing them in the air to find or break up any dust that may have settled.  She then checked again on her CCTV, but the orb was gone.


The oval orb and be seen in the image above, hovering over the foot of the crib

scorpios 1.jpg

By 22.37, the oval orb had almost faded away, but can still be seen

Scorpios 3.jpg

On the same evening at around the same time a solid circular orb was also captured hovering above the waiting seats in front of the shop window.  The front door can be seen to the left.

After seeing the orbs in the studio Nicola thought straight away about the girl who was exorcised there in the 1930's and that perhaps for some reason she had come back.

If there are any readers of this article who have heard of or who know about the girl who was exorcised in the 1930's or can shed some light on these incidences, I would be delighted to hear from you.

scorpio 5.jpg

Burton Avenue was named after Mr Burton who owned Shelfield Farm, Rushall

After seeing the CCTV footage, I was intrigued and set to embarking on more research about the area  To my surprise, almost immediately I discovered that in the 1920's one of the new council houses on Pelsall Lane was said to have a ghost.  The ghost displayed poltergeist behaviour in that it was said to throw shoes and other things around the house and there were apparently a number of witnesses to this.  People used to spend the night at the property to see if they could catch some paranormal activity.

This may or may not be connected with the 14 year old.

According to my research, prior to the council houses being built, Pelsall Lane was occupied by a handful of cottages and Shelfield Farm which belonged to Mr Burton.

In the early 1920's, Mr Burton sold some of his land to make way for the new council houses, the first of which formed Burton Avenue which was named after Mr Burton

scorpio 4.jpg

Scholars Walk, Rushall

Also around this time, the rest of his land was sold to make way for a school to be built at the bottom of the road, which readers may remember.

The school was demolished in 1996 to make way for Scholars Walk as seen above.

If you would like to share your memories of Rushall, why not drop me a line?

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