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A Tug of War

across the canal near the

Iron Bridge

dad 1 (1).jpg

John Powell contacted me recently and has sent to me these photographs of his father and friends doing a tug of war across the canal near the Iron Bridge, he told me that it was apparently part of Carnival celebrations.

John was able to add the following names:

The man 1st on the left is Eric Milword, behind the man 4th from the left is Tony Parsons, the man holding the bottle of whisky is George Powell, my Granddad, the man with the crutches is (Bill) William Cartwright, next to Bill with arms crossed is Dave Powell, my Dad.  Behind Dave Powell to the right side is Premo? Far right with towel is Graham Chapman.  I'm not sure what Premo's real name was though I have got fond memories of fishing in Wales with my Dad and Premo.

If you can add any more names, please get in touch.

dad 2 (1).jpg

If you remember the event or any of people photographed on this page and would like to share your memories, please get in touch, I would be delighted to hear from you.

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