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 St Michael's School Photograph Christmas c1963/4

Church Hall

Headmaster  Mr Phillips

Earlier this week I received the following email from Tony Ditchfield:


I have a St Michael's School photograph from Christmas 1963/4 taken at the Church Hall on the common.  It features children from the school in a Christmas nativity and features 50 children including myself. I can name a few possibly.

The photograph below was then very kindly emailed to me by Tony with the names he could recall seen below.

St Michaels.jpg

                                                                      Top From Left                                                                            Kevin Lloyd-Graham Starkey-Gillian Sweet-Stephen Terry - ?- ? - Beverley Jones - Eric Smith - ?

Middle Rows

?-?-?-?-?-Gillian Peabody-Christine Banks-?-?- Margaret Chilton-?-?-Brian Phillips-?- Jennifer Dibble-  ?-?-?-?-Phillip Purchase-?-?- John Horan-Paul Arrowsmith-?

Front Rows

Chris Churchill-?-?-?-?-?-?-?-?-Tony Adams-?-?-Tony Ditchfield-?-?- John Edwards

? Unknown Names

If you can see yourself in this photograph and would like to share your memories or you can add more names, please get in touch.

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