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The Mothers of Pelsall

Photograph copyright A Bates  Pelsall Times

The photograph above is of The Mothers of Pelsall, which appeared in the photograph album of Annie Snowdin Charles of Pelsall Hall.  Underneath the photograph, Mothers of Pelsall 1897 is written.

In total there are 109 mothers and 6 children in this photograph which was taken in the grounds of Pelsall Hall.

Annie Snowdin Charles was as keen as her husband, John Smith Charles to become involved with the community and focused her attentions on the Mothers of Pelsall.

The photograph above can also be found in The Charles Family and People of Pelsall 1892 - 1897.  In the book, I have divided the photograph into sections to enable the mothers and their children to be seen more clearly.

Photograph copyright of A Bates  Pelsall Times

The plaque on the pillar to the left of the entrance to Hall Lane Churchyard reads:

These Gates were presented by the Mothers of Pelsall in Honour of the 

Queen's Diamond Jubilee  June 20th 1897

Photograph copyright A Bates Pelsall Times

Above extract courtesy of owner of private collection

When the Charles family left Pelsall in 1917, the article above was published in Pelsall Parish Magazine.

The article is a sad farewell to the Charles family as they leave Pelsall.

To mark their thankful appreciation and affection for her, The Mothers of Pelsall presented Annie Snowdin Charles with a small gift in the form of an umbrella stand which was given to her by them shortly before the family left.

This would clearly have been a most generous gift from The Mothers of Pelsall.

Despite leaving the village in 1917, matters in Pelsall were never far from the mind of Annie Snowdin Charles.  In 1920, whilst living in Malvern, she made a 'very' generous offer to contribute to the cost of the erection of the village memorial.

The 'very' generous offer was gratefully received.

Photograph copyright A Bates Pelsall Times

Annie Snowdin Charles and John Smith Charles of Pelsall Hall

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