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Jeron Midlands Ltd

After publishing the article about Pelsall Tool and Engineering Company back in 2002 I was inundated with readers who were keen to share their fond memories with me.

I then received a letter and the paper cutting above from Kate Twohey, showing the time when she worked there, which I published in Issue 8 of Pelsall Times.

She wrote:

I am writing in response to your article on Old Pelsall Mill.

I worked at the engineering works called Jeron Midlands Ltd.  To everyone who worked there and those who lived locally it was always referred to as The Mill.  I worked there in the mid to late 1970's and remember working on various machines that made wire shelving for cookers

The building seemed quite old to me then and was very draughty in the winter.

There were small presses, lathes, spot welders and hand presses downstairs and upstairs (which were wooden stairs) were the office and an area where small hand soldering work was carried out.

Some of the people who worked there lived locally.  I lived in Birch Lane, Shelfield at the time, but some came from further afield.

Doris, as seen in the paper cutting used to look after us, she was rather like a mother hen rather than a forewoman.

The photograph was taken infront of the building that was the first photograph in your article.  The doors were to the left of us and the ivy covered wall behind us.

There was no ivy on the walls when I worked there.

The Old Mill Building in 2002

Photograph copyright A Bates - Pelsall Times

Above:  Inside the Old Mill showing the stairs and remnants of old works

Photograph copyright A Bates - Pelsall Times

There was also a toolmakers located behind the engineering works although I don't remember much about it.

When I worked there, it was an elderly couple who owned the house and the grounds.  They had two black Labradors that used to follow them everywhere, even into the works itself!

Sadly the gentleman died and it didn't seem long after that that the old lady was taken ill and went into hospital.

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