Shelfield Lodge Farm

and The Medieval Hall

Photograph copyright Mr S R Jones FSA

Shelfield Lodge Farm, Mill Road, High Heath, Pelsall 1954

Back in 1961, the building above was demolished and its grounds swiftly built upon with modern new properties, with not a trace of the former building left behind.

However, thankfully in 1954, Mr S R Jones FSA took note of the elderly building and was keen to take photographs of it for historical research.

The reason why he was so interested was because behind Shelfield Lodge Farm was a Medieval Hall.

Although the owner of the property allowed Mr S R Jones to take photographs of the outside of the building he would not allow Mr S R Jones inside hence he was never able to see what the inside of the Medieval Hall looked like.

With no interest in the significant history of the building, regrettably, in 1961 Shelfield Lodge farm was demolished and its history lost forever.

Photograph copyright Mr S R Jones FSA

This extremely rare and fascinating photograph taken in 1954 shows the remains of a late medieval hall on the opposite side of the building.  Despite the great historical significance of the building, Shelfield Lodge Farm was demolished in 1961.

After finding out about Shelfield Lodge Farm I went on to delve into the history of Shelfield and to find out who once owned Shelfield Lodge Farm.

I discovered that Shelfield was first called a hamlet in 1276.  The centre of it was at the junction of Mill Road, Field Lane and Birch Lane, where Shelfield Lodge Farm once stood.

Shelfield Lodge Farm was an 18th century house which incorporated the remains of a late medieval hall.  There was also an ancient well in the grounds of the farm.

Photograph courtesy of Pelsall History Centre

Shelfield Lodge Farm, was easy to miss as it stood behind the barn which can be seen on the right in this photograph.

Prior to its demolition in 1961, the Brawn family had been tenants of Shelfield Lodge Farm for generations.  Shelfield Lodge Farm was owned by Mr Barnett of Pelsall.

In 1881 Samuel Brawn, aged 33 was the head farmer of 210 acres employing 12 men, 7 women and 3 boys.

If you have any memories of Shelfield Lodge Farm, the medieval hall or the Brawn family please get in touch.