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Pelsall's Poppies 2018

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Photograph above, Copyright - Natasha Bates

In 2018 Pelsall village celebrated the centenary of WW1 with a spectacular poppy display in the village centre.

Around 3,500 poppies cover the village clock.

In the centre of the display is a 'Pelsall Remembers' banner and beneath that a war horse.

The remembrance service will start at 10.45am on Sunday 11th November at Pelsall village centre before heading towards the war memorial.

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Photograph above, Copyright - Natasha Bates

Pop 2018c.jpg

Photograph above, Copyright - Natasha Bates

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Mrs Marlene Dunn, seen above, was one of the volunteer knitters.  In total  she knitted about 90 poppies for the event.

Back in October 2015 a call was put out to ask nimble fingered volunteers to make poppies to decorate the village memorial clock.  The knitters were invited to take part in a two hour session at the village centre on Saturday 17th October.

The idea was put forward by Cllr Garry Perry, who was looking for an inventive way of funding the poppy appeal and putting the focus on Remembrance Day.

Two different patterns had been designed and were sent out to local Church groups and knitting clubs.

As the idea gathered pace, numerous knitters set to work.  The poppies were to be placed on the memorial clock on 1st November with the Royal British Legion volunteers collecting donations there until Remembrance Day on 11th November. As promised, on 1st November, 15,000 bright red knitted poppies were put up on the Memorial Clock and on nearby benches. Not only did the striking red poppies attract local and passing attention, but the whole event was featured in local press and even on the Midlands News. 

All participants received a certificate from the British Legion as seen above

The above article was published in

Pelsall Times  Past & Present Volume 2