Pelsall Ghost Walks

Shortly after publishing Ghosts around Pelsall back in 2011, I was contacted by Lyn Brookes, psychic medium, who asked me if I thought it might be a good idea to do ghost walks based on the contents of the book to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis.  Being an MS sufferer myself, and understanding this chronic illness which affects so many people, the cause was close to my heart and of course I thought it was a fabulous idea.  Since there is no cure for the condition, doing what we can to help in the light of support is always imperative.

All money raised by our rather interesting walks are donated to the Wolverhampton MS Therapy Centre.

Since then Lyn and I have been doing our ghost walks in Pelsall every year.  Our ghost walks always attract locals and those from further afield who are very curious about our haunted village.

What has been really interesting on our walks is that a number of people who have been with us have managed to capture 'strange' images on their moblie phones as we have been going along,

One year, one of the party caught the image of a ghostly child standing next to me as I was doing part of a talk on Pelsall Common, another caught an image in the window of the old school room and more recently a number of our party managed to capture a face looking out of the window of the once prolifically haunted Old Bush public house.  We were astonished to see the ghostly face staring out of the burnt out window.

It is not unusual for Lyn and I to be contacted by residents who have or who are experiencing paranormal activity.

Based on what we know so far, I would reiterate that we are both convinced that Pelsall must be the most haunted village in England.

If you want to share your story, why not drop us a line?

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Brenda Walker of the MS Therapy Centre, Steve Tidman (Psychic Medium),        Annita Bates (Local Author and Historian) and Lyn Brookes (Psychic Medium

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