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The following stories are a small selection from my new book

The Lady in the Crinoline Dress


Pelsall Hall TB Sanatorium, Christmas 1929

A number of years ago, I interviewed a lady whose mother worked at Pelsall Hall TB Sanatorium shortly after it opened. The lady's mother, Alice Garratley was born in 1911 and worked at Pelsall Hall TB Sanatorium when she was about 14/15.

The lady related to me that at this time Pelsal Hall was not just used as a TB Sanatorium but for those who also had incurable diseases and terminal illnesses.

Beatrice Dolloway, a friend of Alice's who lived in School Lane, Pelsall also started working at the San at about the same time.

The lady then recalled that on one occasion when working in the hall Beatrice heard the rustling of a dress coming downstairs.

As she looked up she saw a woman wearing a crinoline dress standing on the stairs who was looking directly at her.

Terrified, Beatrice screamed when she saw the apparition staring at her.

The Matron shouted at her immediately for screaming as it would upset the patients.

Since the Matron was so unaffected by what Beatrice had seen, perhaps she had seen the apparition before.

Based on this recollection, it could be said that a certain Charles family member was reluctant to leave Pelsall Hall.

The Charles family occupied Pelsall Hall for generations between 1785 and 1917 after which Pelsall Hall was sold to Walsall Health Authority then becoming a TB Sanatorium in 1918.

An Extra Pupil at the Wesleyan School


Whilst doing one of our annual ghost walks back in 2013, one of our party, a lady told me that when she was a child attending the Wesleyan School in Chapel Street, Pelsall, she saw the ghost of a young boy wearing short khaki bloomers and a three corner hat which was tied under his chin.

The strangely dressed child was seen by many in the classroom including the teacher.  

As they all left the classroom to locate the child they watched him simply disappear into a wall.

Terrified by the experience, the teacher gathered the children and took them back to class.

The memory of the event had never faded after all those years, the lady told me.

The Monk

pelsall commom.jpg

Pelsall Common, just past the Queen's, heading towards The Red Cow

In March 2019, I received an email from John Chance which read:

I have actually encountered the monk on 12th November 2007 between 10.30pm and 11.00pm.

I was heading towards The Red Cow.  It was a cold and foggy night and we'd just passed the Queen's public house when all of a sudden a very tall figure floated out of the fog and onto the pavement and stood right at the side of us and watched the car I was travelling in, go past.

It really shook me up and I asked my friend to stop the car and I got out to go after the figure to see who it was, but I couldn't find them.

I've read a couple of other people's accounts of having similar experiences around Pelsall Common, but other than that, I've not heard of anyone else seeing anything like that.

Find out more about the monk in Ghosts around Pelsall and Further Afield

A Cottage in Old Town Lane, Pelsall


Earlier this year I received an email from a former occupant of one of the old cottages in Old Town Lane.  He wrote:

Where to begin really, first experience was arriving at the house the day we moved in.  The back room was covered in a plague of ants, not 10 or 20, we are talking at least a couple of thousand to which we blocked every hole and killed what we could.

My partner who was pregnant at the time got into bed and stared at the drying rack and saw one of the towels move upwards, my partner tried her best to dismiss this as a breeze.

Then after the birth of out child we had an influx of mould, we looked this up and it said that mould can be connected to the paranormal. It was everywhere.

Our son had multiple toys that were battery operated and often started to go off on their own. Being new parents we assumed that toys would repeat after a while when left on, but on one occasion, I checked and the toy was completely switched off.

One day I was in the bathroom and my box of hair dye flew off the side. One night we heard banging on top of the washing rack.

My partner heard voices up close whispering in her ear and there was a constant feeling of being watched.

Upon moving out, I would swear that there was something in the house with me.  I often heard footsteps.

I feared for my life, but not for something physical, but I can't explain it. This happened twice when moving items from the house.

On my partners' last visit she felt like something wanted her out and she couldn't get out fast enough.  After leaving that night she refused ever to go back.

Stories from Further Afield

Rushall Bridge

rushall bridge.png

When Mrs Clark was heading home from work one evening, she was stunned by what she saw on her way towards the bridge on Lichfield Road, Rushall.

As she drew closer to the bridge, she suddenly became aware of a large black mass emerging from the trees on the right side of the road in front of the bridge.

As she drew even closer to the bridge she watched the black mass drift across the road almost to the other side then disappear.

At that point Mrs Clark was certain that she had just seen a ghost or a number of ghosts.

As many readers will be aware, over the years there have been a number of tragic fatalities in this location.

Taking a look back even further in history, this location in particular is linked to the English Civil War which began in 1642. 

During this time many men lost their lives in this area as they defended Rushall Hall.


The Swan, Brownhills

swan 7.jpg

Over the years there have been many reports about paranormal activity taking place at The Swan in Brownhills. Some years ago psychic medium Lyn Brookes and myself were told about a workman who got the fright of his life when he was fixing sinks in the gents and a ghostly woman walked out of the wall infront of him, then behind him, then out of the room.

He dropped his tools, left the pub and never went back.

We were also told that orbs had been caught on CCTV bouncing around a recently bricked up doorway.

The ghost of a Victorian girl fondly known as Lucy was seen on the odd occasion too, she was said to have been knocked over by a horse and cart in front of the pub in the Victorian times.

In March 2019, Lyn and I decided to investigate The Swan in Brownhills.

Swan 1.jpg

Sharon Roberts (above) and her husband have been Landlords of The Swan in Brownhills for the past 2 years and during that time have already encountered paranormal activity in the pub.

Sharon told us that when in the cellar and the pub is closed and empty people are heard walking about in the pub above them.

The TV, as seen below, often switches itself on and glasses fall off the shelves for no reason.

Swan 2.jpg

On 6/3/19 the intruder alarm went off at 2.20am suggesting that there was someone in the bar area by the table. The censor caught something to set off the alarm which in turn started the dog howling. The alarm was re set then 10 minutes later went off again for no reason. There was no explanation.

Orbs are caught on camera every night as they appear as small bubbles.

The previous landlady witnessed a mobile phone inexplicably fly off the table whilst she was sitting with children and other family members.

Sharon told us that a few weeks before Lyn and I visited, one evening when the pub was shut, the front windows banged loudly as if someone was desperately trying to get in. Sharon and her husband feared that the windows would be smashed as they dashed downstairs.

When they entered the pub they were met with silence and after checking the CCTV they discovered that no one had been inside or outside of the pub.

Swan 3.jpg

A door inside the pub, seen to the left in the photograph below has been seen on CCTV slowly opening when no one is in the bar area and the pub is closed.

Swan 8.jpg

In this part of the pub, which Lyn felt was very different to the other side, she sensed a man and a very feisty woman. The woman goes right back and may have existed before the pub existed.  Lyn believes that the man was a previous landlord.

Lyn sensed that although the two ghosts exist in the same space they are not aware of eachother.

Swan 5.jpg

The Swan, Brownhills and how it would have looked in the 1800's

Photograph courtesy of Mr and Mrs Roberts

In the snooker room which leads to the corridor where the workman saw a ghost Lyn sensed that the area was generally colder and quite different.

Swan 6.jpg

Psychic Medium Lyn Brookes can be seen above looking into the snooker room as seen in the photograph below

Swan 4.jpg

In this room, Lyn picked up the name Eric and the date 1904. Eric appeared to be dressed as a soldier and stated to Lyn that, 'It should have been mine'. referring to the pub.

I hope that you have enjoyed this small selection of stories.

If you would like to share your story, please get in touch, I would be delighted to hear from you.