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               Gone Fishing

Most of us have heard of the ghostly figure of the tall man dressed in black, wearing a black top hat who has been seen by numerous dog walkers along the canal towpath.  He is often seen lurking near a bridge.  Following research, I have been unable to shed any light on why this apparition should be seen here, readers however may have some idea.

I was contacted by a gentleman recently who has also had a strange experience whilst fishing with his son near the Fingerpost Public House.

The gentleman, who wishes to remain anonymous, had gone fishing with his son as he does regularly on various parts of the canal towpath.

Being young and rather inexperienced, his son was rather messy and always keen to start before they were fully set up, leaving a multitude of paraphernalia strewn across the towpath.

As the gentleman was standing behind his son. he noticed a woman with her dog starting to walk under the bridge and towards them.

He told his son to stop what he was doing for a minute to move his things out of the way to that the woman and her dog could get past them.  As he did, his son got a bite and refused to move.

The gentleman then took to moving the things over to clear the walkway for the woman and her dog.  By now, the woman was almost upon them.

As the gentleman looked up to apologise to the woman for the mess, the woman and her dog walked straight through him.

The gentleman froze as he watched the woman continue to walk along the canal towpath.  He then asked his son if he had seen what had just happened.

As he stood there in shock, two men from the other side of the bridge came racing towards them, they too had just had exactly the same experience.

What was really strange, was that there was nothing unusual about the woman and her dog which was why they had no idea that she was a ghost until she literally walked straight through them as if they weren't there.

A Haunting in Railswood Drive

A recent incident that has come to light concerns a block of apartments near to the bridge at the end of the drive.

At least one property is known to be affected by an unknown entity.

The occupant of this property told me that there has always been an unusual feeling in her home, but nothing anyone can put their finger on.  

The first evidence of any paranormal activity in the property emerged when the family had a new baby.

After having the new baby, mum was keen to set up a baby monitor in the room to make sure that she was on hand any time of the day.  The monitor was never switched off.

One night, whilst the parents were sitting watching the television in the living room they were shocked to hear the sound of voices coming through the monitor.  They silenced the television immediately only to hear the sound of old gramophone music playing in the background.

The couple shot up and ran to the baby's bedroom only to discover their son fast asleep in the silent room

Although nothing has been seen yet, strange noises and disembodied voices are often heard.

                                                            The Entity

One of the older flats in the village centre is also know to experience what could be described as poltergeist activity, rather unlike the kindly maid who is said to occupy another of the other older flats in the village centre. (as published in Ghosts around Pelsall 2).

A previous occupant was keen to tell me of his experience.

When he moved into the flat, he was very aware of how icy cold the property was, but because he was in and out of the flat more often than not he didn't pay too much attention to this.  However, in addition to the cold, he always felt that he was never alone and always being watched.  He shrugged off this feeling.

Shortly after doing this, he started to feel as if someone was sitting on his feet as he drifted off to sleep at night. 

He ignored it.

Then one evening he suddenly felt the pressure of something moving over him as he lay in bed.  

He was terrified by this experience and moved out of the flat shortly afterwards.

What the Dog Saw on Norton Road

It is true to say that pets seem to have a sixth sense and it is not unusual to watch a pet watching something that you simply cannot see.

I was contacted by a local lady recently who told me of such a strange experience.

Fairly new to the area, the lady had taken to a similar dog walk every day with her small dog.

Every day, when they reached a certain aged property at the top of Norton Road, near to Pelsall Social Club (also known as the Scratter), the dog simply froze.  The lady always picked up the dog at this point and carried on her journey for a short while before putting the little dog back down.  The owner could see no other reason for the 'stop' other that tiredness.

This situation went on for weeks, with the same thing happening at the same point.

Then, one day the dog forgot itself and carried on walking, much to the  astonishment of the owner.  However within seconds, the dog turned to the left and started barking frantically at the bottom of the drive.  

As the owner turned to look at what the dog was barking at, she saw a man walk out of the old barn at the top end of the drive.  The man was wearing old fashioned foundry clothing and had tools in his hand and was looking an walking straight towards her.

The lady froze, but as she maintained her fearful stare, the figure melted away before her eyes. 

A Comforting Thought?

When a Mum and her young son moved into a flat in Shelfield, Mum set to cleaning it up and redecorating straight away, which included the thankless task of removing a thick layer of nicotine from the window wall of one of the rooms.

The family settled in well and were happy with their new home.

However, Mum became a little concerned when her son always seemed to be tired in the morning, this too had been noticed by his Nursery.  Mum was confused because her son was always settled at night and was always asleep when she checked on him.

Then one day, she asked why he was always tired in the morning as they were on their way to Nursery.

"It's because the old man keeps talking to me."  He replied.

Mum was stunned, but said nothing to worry her son.

She decided to move her son out of the room immediately.

In his absence, that night the room seemed to come to life as everything in the room including books were hurled around the room.

As mum sat there terrified, her son lay fast asleep.

The family moved out the following day.

When Mum handed the keys back to the landlord, she complained about the ghost in her son's room, and asked if the landlord had known the history of the flat.

She was told that nothing had been said before but she did learn that the old man who had lived there before was a heavy smoker and in his latter years, before he died in the room, took to sitting in his chair looking out of the window and watching the world go by.

The room in question turned out to be the one she had turned into a bedroom for her son.

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