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It was following the closure of The Red Cow, The Old Bush and Pelsall Labour Club that prompted me to write this book.

By 2015 The Old Bush was boarded up and Pelsall Labour Club on Church Road had been demolished to make way for a new housing estate called St Michael’s Place.  The Red Cow had lost its identity completely when it was turned into a house and the new sign attached to it simply read ‘Shorley Court’ erasing all evidence of its past.

It was rather sad to see these landmark public houses suddenly disappear when historically and not too far in the distant past, they had all played a major role in their local community and had attracted faithful regular customers from near and far.

In 2015 only 5 public houses in Pelsall village which include The Fingerpost (Formerly The Royal Oak), Pelsall Social Club (Also known as The Scratter), The Old House at Home, The Railway and Pelsall Cricket & Sports Club.

According to research conducted by Pelsall Historian, the late Mr Albert Tomkinson, in 1918 Rushall magistrates claimed that Pelsall had too many pubs, stating that there were 21, or one pub per every 161 souls.

Intrigued by this, I decided to delve into the past to find out more about the history of our numerous Pubs, Clubs and Inns, and was absolutely fascinated by what I found.  My research revealed not only fascinating facts about these historical establishments, but the people and characters who frequented them.