In the Absence of Pelsall Carnival 2020

Due to Covid 19, Pelsall Carnival has been cancelled this year.  Like many of us, I was looking forward to seeing the floats this year and popping along to the car boot sale on the common.

carn 2.jpg

Many years ago, Mr Andrew Weller, Chairman of Pelsall History Centre forwarded to me a selection of Pelsall Carnival photographs that he thought I might find interesting.  I was captivated by what I saw, it has to be said.  Clearly Pelsall villagers have always enjoyed their carnivals.  The earliest photographs he had, shown above and below date back to the 1920's

carn 3.jpg

Pelsall Carnival participants, 1928, above and below

carn 82.jpg
carn 81.jpg
carn 80.jpg

The fabulous photograph above was taken at Pelsall Carnival in 1937, the carnival queen at this time, seen above, was Connie Stackhouse.

carn 77.jpg

The carnival floats seen above and below were part of Pelsall Carnival in 1945.

carn 11.jpg
carn 76.jpg

The photograph above was taken at Highbridge Row in 1950 and the photograph below was taken in 1953

carn 78.jpg
carn 79.jpg

The photograph above was taken in 1954

carn 14.jpg

The final vintage photograph in this section was taken in 1958.

Now I will move onto the 1970's, carnivals of which many readers may well remember.

The photographs seen below were taken by Gill Douglas in 1974 and 1975 and were donated to Pelsall History Centre.  The photographs display a wonderful variety of ideas and inspiration for Carnival floats of the day.

carn 21.jpg
carn 22.jpg
carn 19.jpg
carn 23.jpg
carn 27.jpg
carn 29.jpg
carn 31.jpg
carn 32.jpg
carn 33.jpg
carn 36.jpg
carn 28.jpg
carn 16.jpg

The following photographs were taken in 1975

carn 124.jpg
carn 71.jpg
carn 115.jpg
carn 116.jpg
carn 72.jpg
carn 119.jpg
carn 117.jpg
carn 48.jpg
carn 4.jpg

Back in the day, residents of Ash Tree Road always contributed their own float to Pelsall carnival as seen above and below. These photographs were taken by Mr Cowley, resident of Ash Tree Road.

carn 5.jpg
carn 37.jpg
carn 49.jpg
carn 6.jpg

The following photographs were taken of Pelsall carnival in the late 1970's and illustrate a fascinating array of carnival floats and marching bands.

carn 25.jpg
carn 118.jpg
carn 18.jpg
carn 20.jpg
carn 131.jpg
carn 30.jpg
carn 55.jpg
carn 123.jpg
carn 62.jpg
carn 57.jpg
carn 121.jpg
carn 122.jpg
carn 58.jpg
carn 59.jpg
carn 110.jpg
carn 60.jpg
carn 44.jpg
carn 83.jpg
carn 84.jpg
carn 86.jpg
carn 87.jpg
carn 46.jpg
carn 132.jpg
carn 47.jpg
carn 15.jpg
carn 24.jpg
carn 112.jpg
carn 103.jpg
carn 104.jpg
carn 102.jpg
carn 7.jpg
carn 105.jpg
carn 106.jpg
carn 107.jpg
carn 111.jpg
carn 96.jpg
carn 109.jpg
carn 113.jpg
carn 108.jpg

I hope you have enjoyed your trip down memory lane.  If you would like to share your memories of any of the carnival parades shown on this page, I would be delighted to hear from you.