The Resident Ghosts of

The Old Bush

As said in our production, it is not unusual for strange phenomenon to appear in photographs taken of the middle window of The Old Bush public house.

     The Old Bush Unoccupied in 2017

Photograph above courtesy of Lyn Brookes

Having already been told about the first floor being haunted and that it was not unusual to see a ghostly face in the window, we have always told our walking party to photograph the windows of The Old Bush as we talk about the paranormal activity that was said to occur inside of the building.

Even after The Old Bush had been fire damaged we said the same.

After being asked to take photographs of The Old Bush, three of our group managed to capature what appeared to be a face looking out of the burnt out first floor window.

According to research, published in Ghosts around Pelsall 2, the ghost of an old lady was said to frequent the upstairs community room and had been seen by a number of customers.  Her face was also said to have been seen looking out of the upstairs window.  The ghostly lady was not a friendly one and often made her presence felt as she was heard walking across an empty room and slamming doors.

The other resident ghost at The Old Bush was said to inhabit the ground floor and was known for barging past bar staff.

The paranormal activity caused by both ghosts was widely acknowledged by both staff and customers.