Pelsall Ghost Stories

                                           The Legend of the Fiery Horse


The legend of the fiery horse is one of the oldest legends relating to the paranormal history of Pelsall.

Legend has it tha back in the nineteenth century several miners witnessed a strange sight in Pelsall on their way back from work.  They were convinced that they had seen the devil himself riding on horseback with the flames of hell around him as he galloped through the fields of Pelsall.

As news travelled fast around the village about this bad omen, it came to light that there was a perfectly rational explanation for this strange sighting.

In days gone by, the absence of a veterinary surgeon meant that most farmers had to use tried and trusted methods to treat their livestock for a variety of ailments. Lice were a common affliction and relatively easy to treat.

One evening a local farmer coated his horse in paraffin to treat a lice infestation; this was a common practice back in the day.

Following the treatment, the horse was left to sleep whilst the parafin did its job.

As the evening went by, the farmer became more and more aware of a disturbance outside.  There seemed to be some sort of disturbance in the stable.  The farmer decided to investigate, taking his candle with him.

On reaching the stable with his candle still in hand, he opened the door.  In doing so, the horse became engulfed in flames as the fumes from the paraffin ignited.

Terrified, the horse bolted, galloping off into the distance.

It is likely that the horse had become restless during the night because of the reaction of the paraffin on its skin or due to the pungent smell of the substance.

Following the escape, several miners on their way home from work saw this strange sight.  Such a bizarre sight had convinced them that they had just witnessed the devil riding on horseback with the flames of hell around him.

                                            The Haunting of Moat Farm Pool

The legend of Moat Farm Pool, it is believed goes even further back than The Legend of the Fiery Horse.

Moat Farm once stood where the new Moat Farm housing estate is today and the only part of the old farm left behind is a fragment of a once much larger pool. 


William Farmer (1901 - 1985), the original Pelsall historian wrote about the legend of Moat Farm Pool back in the 1950's.  In his books, Pelsall  Early Years of the 20th Century and Under Bluer Skies he states 'as children we were told that a coach and horses were lost in there one foggy night.'  Based on William's age this is clearly a very old story that was passed down from generation to generation.  Certainly in such poor weather conditions and under a veil of profound darkness it would have been quite plausible for such a terrible accident to happen.

It has been recorded that on rare occasions an apparitional coach and horses can be seen hurtling uncontrolably towards Moat Farm Pool before it disappears.