The Ghostly School Mistress and her Class

In 1845 an application was made by the Church for a grant towards building a school in Pelsall.

The new building was to be situated next to the Church and was to accommodate 133 pupils.

The school was small, had narrow windows and was heated by open coal fires and lit by oil lamps.

school room 7.png

Pelsall C of E School Teachers 1889

Photographs courtesy of Mr A Weller - Pelsall History Centre

Back Row L-R: Miss Polly Thompson, Miss Ann Smith, Mrs Brownridge, Miss E York, Miss M Mercer.

Middle Row L-R: Miss S Wildig, Rev W M Climpson, Mr W H Brownridge, Miss A Brownridge.

Front Row: L - R: Miss Bertha Garfield, Mr Charles Hodson, Miss Jenny Bill.

school room 8.jpg

Children of Pelsall C of E School

Copyright A Bates - Pelsall Times

school room 9.jpg

The School Mistress Waits for her Class

copyright A Bates - Pelsall Times

school room 9.jpg

The School Mistress in Detail

copyright A Bates - Pelsall Times

Since publishing the photograph of the ghostly lady looking out of the school room window, Pelsall's first school has never ceased to amaze me.  On each and every ghost walk we have ever done, someone always manages to catch an image in the window on the right, albeit a face, faces or some other anomaly.

Since it seemed to easy to be able to catch something in the window, back in 2014, I decided to take some photographs myself.

school room 4.jpg

copyright A Bates - Pelsall Times

school room 3.jpg

copyright A Bates - Pelsall Times

school room 6.jpg

copyright A Bates - Pelsall Times

school room 6.jpg

copyright A Bates - Pelsall Times

To test the theory of what I had been told and seen for myself when other people had taken photographs of the old school room, I took some photographs myself on 24/12/14 in the hope that I might capture something.

I took a number of photographs on my phone to examine later.

Some photographs had nothing in them other than the net curtain, but one appeared to show the hem of a dress and the heals of the Victorian boots of a lady.  Whatever it was it appeared to be dangling from the ceiling.

lyn photo.jpg

Photograph copyright Mrs Lyn Brookes

If you examine this photograph taken by Lyn Brookes you can see the School Mistress looking out of the window to the right and a child sitting to the left of the middle window pane resting their head on their hand.

Although numerous rather unusual photographs have been taken over the years by myself, Lyn and people on our ghost walks we have never heard of any paranormal activity occurring in the building.

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