W.W. Davidson

of Yieldfields Hall

WW1 postcard.png

When I happened upon this postcard some years ago, I was intrigued, wondering whether W.W. Davidson ever returned home. 

The postcard was sent to Yieldfields Hall, Bloxwich which is near to the Golf Club on the Stafford Road, Bloxwich.  The building is a Grade II listed building and still stands today.

With regards to W.W. Davidson, it is unknown as to his position at Yieldfields Hall, he could have been a family member or a member of staff.

When this postcard arrived at Yieldfields Hall back in 1917 all it stated was that at the time of writing W.W. Davidson was alive and at that time he declared that 'I am quite well'.  

Their limited choices dictated what they wrote, if anything else was written on these postcards at this time they would have been destroyed.

WW1 postcard 2.png
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Yiedfields Hall, Stafford Road, Bloxwich