A Wartime Mystery At Melrose Place in 1916


R.W. Print, Norton Road, Pelsall and Knit Knacks - Also known as Melrose Place

Melrose Place was originally divided into three houses.  Like many houses along the Norton Road, the front rooms in these houses, 42, 43 and 44 Norton Road, were turned into shops.

In its time Melrose Place has been host to a sweet shop, Edwards Greengrocers, Walter Deeley and prior to it being purchased by R.W. Print, Taylors Cake Shop.

Back in 2004, I was told by one of my readers that one of the shops was owned by Sid Till, this shop was a greengrocers and a wet fish shop.  Sid Till married one of the Silvers and was involved in the Methodist Chapel.  At this time, the wool shop, as it is today was a family home lived in by the Brunt family.

Later in its history the Red Shop sold sweets and confectionary and Richards TV shop also traded from Melrose Place.

The wool shop may be best remembered by some readers as being a bank which was entered by the side door, two bricked up side doors can still be seen today.

Whilst carrying out my research on Melrose Place a rather intriguing mystery was bought to my attention.

RW print 7.png

Above and below, the remaining out house situated at the rear of R.W. Print at the time of publishing the 2004 article.

RW print 6.png

Whilst demolishing an outhouse building similar to the one above, at the rear of RW Print, construction workers happened upon an unexpected find.  

Hidden behind some bricks were three tickets for The Allies' Bazaar and four war time unwritten postcards, a disintegrated letter and a single bullet.

It was an odd find and posed many unanswered questions.

I published this article in Issue 36 of Pelsall Times in the hope that someone would be able to shed light on this rather intriguing mystery, regrettably nothing came to light.

However in the advent of the centenary, I thought it was worth running this story again as this time something may come to light.

RW print 1.jpg
RW print 1.jpg
RW print 1.jpg

Above:  Some of the items found in the outhouse at the rear of 

R.W. Print